Writing an operating system for arduino microcontroller

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Embedded Lab

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AVR microcontrollers

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The ROS operating system is designed to run on a network of machines and has support for simultaneous execution of a program or multiple computational threads. Libraries for Arduino. This page includes a list of community contributed libraries for Arduino.

Check out the Official Arduino Libraries or Interfacing With Hardware pages to find more libraries, or find examples in Code Snippets and Sketches.

Installing a library. Practically all of the libraries can, and should, be installed using the Standard Library Installation Process.

This article is aimed to design and demonstrate a simple 5 channel remote control system to drive five loads. The input signals or the commands are sent from a transmitter using IR transmission and received by the IR receiver, processed and used to drive the loads.

Arduino is a quite attractive embedded platform among hobbyists for several reasons, including here the low price, an easy way to interface different sensors and actuators, a large community that share information and resources, and of course it can be interfaced with ROS using the rosserial package.

Hi waqas ali I don’t know what operating system you are using the Sensor module supported by Only windows operating system as described in article.

for further you can refer following links. How to get started with arduino micro controls for model trains and railroad signals, LED lights, railway sounds and more.

Writing an operating system for arduino microcontroller
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