Writing a grant for classroom ipads

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Sample Grant Proposal

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Tech Integration

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In general, you have to tell a story about your class or your current project that needs the iPads. writing tech grants for iPads. writing tech grants for iPads.

iPad Grants for Elementary Schools

Discover ideas about Grant Writing Treble in the Classroom: Grant Writing Tips The link is for grant writing, but I love the instrument/room set up!

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School Systems. Some schools systems award grants to eligible schools in their district to help purchase needed equipment and technology. In Chicago, Illinois, the Chicago Public School System awarded mini-grants to 20 of its schools to purchase iPads for testing in the classroom.

NTA's iPad Grant Below is the grant that we wrote and won from the CPS Office of Information Technology Services to receive 32 iPads for the classroom! P roject. We wrote up a proposal titled “The Innovative Primary Classroom,” and hoped that Mr. Wardell would fund one or two items from our list, whether it be 20 Kindergarten iPads, a Laser Printer for QR codes, or another requested item.

Writing a grant for classroom ipads
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How to Find Grants for iPads in the Classroom | Grants Guys