Metacognition enhancing metacognitive skills

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Learning Theory

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A. () Enhancing metacognition through the reflective use of self-regulated learning strategies. The Journal of cognitive and metacognitive thinking skills that will support and strengthen clinical reasoning, build domain specific.

metacognitive skills of a student will lead to the improvement of his/her academic performance in English language for enhancing educational attainment as well as for improving communication ability of metacognition.

Metacognition is increasingly recognized as important to learning. This article describes self-regulatory processes that promote achievement in the basic skills of reading and mathematical problem solving.

Self-regulatory behaviors in reading include clarifying one's purpose, understanding meanings. Metacognitive excel on both the routine mathematics skills and the problem-solving skills, teachers must place emphasis on both the mathematical contents and the mathematical processes in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Research Topic: “Enhancing Reading Comprehension through Metacognitive Strategies on students of Second year attending Reading and Writing I Course in Bachelor´s Degree in English at Universidad de Oriente in San Miguel”.

How to Improve Reading Skills Through Metacognition

Assessing Students’ Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Kouider Mokhtari and Carla A. Reichard Oklahoma State University This article describes the development and validation of a new self-report instrument, the Metacognitive.

Metacognition enhancing metacognitive skills
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